Why The Price of .com Domain Names Could Increase

Why The Price of .com Domain Names Could Increase, ICANN plans to increase the price of .com domain names by more than 70% over the next ten years.

Responsible for allocating domain names on the Internet, ICANN would consider increasing the price of .com domain names. The project is not yet in force, but the authority has signed a new agreement with Verisign, the private company that manages the official domain registry for .com, .net and .name.

70% increase in 10 years for .com domain names?

Price of .com Domain Names Could Increase

This new agreement between ICANN and Verisign could allow the private company to significantly increase its prices. The fees that companies must pay for registering a domain would increase by 7% per year for the next four years. Thereafter, prices should be maintained for two years before increasing by 7% each year for four years.

In short, the increase in 10 years would be 70%. Where businesses currently pay $7.85 to register a domain name, that price would be $13.49 in 2030.

Given the competition between different domain name companies, they have no interest in increasing their price considerably. Moreover, the tariffs had been frozen under the Obama administration before Trump reversed this decision which came into effect in 2012.

ICANN ensures that it only respects the choices of the Ministry of Commerce. The authority was already at the center of controversy when the sale of .org to a private company was mentioned a few weeks ago. Since then, several entities, including NGOs, fear that hosting costs will also increase, knowing that ICANN had already indicated that it was removing the cap on the increase in prices for .org domains.

Domain name registrar Namecheap expressed its disapproval, stating, “ICANN and Verisign made these changes in secret, without consulting or incorporating feedback from the ICANN community or Internet users. Although ICANN has a history of reaching similar deals behind closed doors and ignoring united opposition to such actions, Namecheap will continue to lead the fight against price gouging that will harm our customers and the ‘Internet as a whole’.

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