Why Microsoft is Buying The Corp.com Domain Name

Why Microsoft is Buying The Corp.com Domain Name, Microsoft has put nearly two million dollars on the table to prevent the domain name corp.com from falling into the wrong hands. Microsoft acquired a domain name for nearly two million dollars, an amount that seems very substantial for such a seemingly small purchase. However, there is a reason that explains why the firm has agreed to put such a budget on the table.

How Important is The Corp.com Domain Name?

Important is The Corp.com

In a report on the subject, KrebsOnSecurity explains that the domain name in question was auctioned by an individual for a starting price of $1.7 million. The American Mike O’Connor bought the domain name corp.com 26 years ago, without ever really taking advantage of it despite its potential danger, assuring that the American company was going to buy it back. He therefore waited many years before Microsoft finally put his hand in his pocket and agreed to pay such an amount. Terms of the agreement between the two parties were not disclosed.

In a post, Microsoft adds all the same: “To help protect systems, we encourage customers to adopt safe security habits when planning domain names and internal networks. We released a security advisory in June 2009 and a security update that helps keep customers safe. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer security, we have also acquired the Corp.com domain.”

If Microsoft invested such a budget in a simple domain name, it is because the latter could have been used for malicious purposes. Apart from having a very official construction and being able to support the alleged veracity of a phishing email, it can also cause name collisions.

To simplify as best as possible, these can occur when a name used in a private namespace points to a query on the public Domain Name System (DNS). The consequences of this action can logically be harmful, which is why hackers might have been interested in the auction despite the expensive starting price.

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