Why Hosting is Important, Here is the Explanation

Why Hosting is Important – If you are currently planning to create a new website, then you will come across the term hosting or web hosting. Well, after checking it turns out that hosting is paid and the price varies from tens of thousands to millions.

If there is a question about Why hosting is important? The answer is because all our website data and files need a place to store them. Maybe many of you are confused about why you have to use paid hosting?

Why Hosting is Important For Websites You Need to Know

As you know hosting is important for your websites, then what is the difference between each of these hosting services and why is hosting needed? What is certain is that the features and services differ between the basic hosting plans and the premium hosting plans.

What you Need to Build Your Own Hosting Server

Hosting has a function as a place to store website files and data. Hosting owned by this provider is always monitored for 24 hours 7 days, so when there is a problem it can be handled immediately. If you have this your website is guaranteed to have a good server uptime, it rarely goes down.

You are indeed required to pay for hosting services on a monthly/yearly basis as the cost of renting the hosting space you use. Maybe some of you thinking, why not build your hosting server? You can save money, you don’t have to pay a monthly/year fee, just pay upfront.

For the note that, the investment is not only server hosting, several things need to be added such as:

  • Space for server storage
  • Cooler for the server so it doesn’t overheat
  • Sufficient bandwidth to keep the server running
  • Fast internet connection
  • A reliable and skilled technician
  • Server maintenance costs

How about the information above? do you still want to have your server or just rent it?

Here Are the Other Reasons Why Hosting Is Needed

  • Business trust

The first reason why you should have hosting is a matter of business trust. By using paid hosting you can use professional domain names such as .COM, CO.ID, ID, and so on. So your business is increasingly trusted by consumers.

  • Flexible

Paid hosting can be used for all fields, depending on the website to be created. Examples include personal blogs, portfolios, company profiles, company websites, and others.

  • Save Time and Effort

You can use it anytime and anywhere without having to think about maintenance when a breakdown occurs. So your time and energy can be allocated for website content or other matters.

  • Security of Business Assets

Security has become the main standard for web hosting companies. So you only need to optimize the website so that it can appear on the first page of Google.


So, how have you found out why hosting is important is needed for now, right? Immediately look for the best hosting provider that you will use to place your website. Hopefully the information above can be usefull for you who really look for the best hosting provider and start your own websites

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