What Are The Most Popular Domain Extensions 2022

When you are told that the web is big, it is not wrong. Currently, there are no less than 354.7 million domain names registered. This is indicated by the “Domain Name Industry Brief” report for the second quarter of 2019, published by the company Verisign.

“… the second quarter of 2019 closed with 354.7 million domain name registrations covering all top-level domains, an increase of 2.9 million domain name registrations, or 0.8%, compared to the first quarter of 2019. Domain name registrations increased by 14.9 million, or 4.4%, year over year,” reads a blog post published by the company to present its research.

What Are The Most Popular Domain Extensions

Verisign also released a Top 10 most popular top-end domains. And unsurprisingly, .com is the most used, with 142.5 million registered domains. The .com is followed by the Chinese domain .cn, with 23 million domain names, then .tk (22.5 million) and the German .de (16.2 million). .net, .org, .tw (Taiwan), .uk (United Kingdom) and .ru (Russia) are also in this Top 10, but not the.french .fr.

What Are The Most Popular Domain Extensions

However, .fr is in the Top 10 country TLDs, in 10th place, with 3.4 million domain names registered. Unsurprisingly, China (.cn) and Tokelau (.tk) are at the top of this ranking. Germany is third.

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