Use of One Hosting For Many Websites, Here is the Explanation

Use of One Hosting – There is one big question from people whether one hosting can be used for how many websites? Well, we will answer this question later in the discussion below, so see the explanation until the end. Before continuing, do you know what hosting is?

Hosting is a service for storing website files and data on a special server so that it can be accessed by users via the internet network. Many ask about how many websites can be installed with use of one hosting. Here are some related reviews that can make you know more about the domain and hostings.

Can You Fill Multiple Websites With Use of One Hosting

Because later we will deal directly with real one hosting. So you need know that, the hosting specifications for each of these providers have different specifications, so the rental price is also different. The more expensive, of course, the better the hosting performance.

One Hosting Can Be Used to How Many Websites?

Well, the hosting package on it usually has a feature to add more than one domain name. If there is a question like the one above about whether it is possible to add a website to one hosting, the answer is “yes”. When you purchase a hosting service, you will get features to create subdomains and addon domains.

How many websites can be used with single hosting? Can be more than one depending on the hosting service package you buy. Usually, the basic hosting service package can only be used for one website domain, unless you create the main subdomain of the website. Well, for more details about the explanation of the two terms above, please see the following explanation.

  • Subdomain

A subdomain is a service to add a subdomain of the website’s main domain that already exists on the hosting panel account. For example, you have registered your main domain, so you can add unlimited subdomains.

Such as,,,,, and so on.

So you can add a website with a free subdomain without any limitations as long as the hosting server is still good.

  • Domain addons

Addon domains are additional domains that you can add to your hosting account. So in one hosting you can add more than one domain. The number of these domains depends on the hosting service package you buy, the more expensive it is, the more it can even get unlimited addon domains.

Quick Hosting Tips with Multiple Domains

The hosting provider provides a limit on the number of websites that you can add to the hosting service. You must always pay attention to the resources of the hosting panel you are using, not overload it, causing the website to be slow.

If you are getting close to the unsafe limit, you can immediately upgrade to a higher hosting package. Another more interesting option, is you can use a Cloud VPS Server service or use a Dedicated Server.


So as we discussed above, you can know, that with the use of one hosting you can use many websites. Hopefully, the information above can help those of you who want to create more websites without worrying about buying or looking for hosting again. Good luck.

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