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July 17, 2020
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Traffic Rider: Motorcycle Game with a Cool Look

Traffic Rider is here on Windows Phone. This motorbike game, which is popular on Android and iOS, is loved for its fun gameplay and good graphics.

Traffic Rider is a simulation motorcycle game. This game invites us to speed on the streets and avoid the cars we overtake. There are several game options here. Play through mission after mission (career), speeding without limits (endless), with a time limit (time trial), or free riding (free ride).

The main game is to undergo a mission aka career. Other categories will be unlocked as the game progresses. In addition to careers, in other categories there are also choices of locations, times, etc. which will also be opened according to the missions that we complete.

Traffic Rider has a control system that is common in other automotive games. This control system can also be adjusted according to our habits. So if you’re used to playing Asphalt 8, for example, you won’t be surprised anymore by how to control the motor in this game.

What is commendable in terms of this control is the taste sensation which is – surprisingly enough – similar to the original. Each motorcycle has a different specification of capabilities, and is reflected when driving. For example, riding a motorcycle will feel more stable than riding a dirt bike. As a motorcycle simulation game, Traffic Rider can be said to be successful. So, two thumbs up.

Then, as I mentioned above, Traffic Rider’s graphic display is really good. Not inferior to Asphalt. Especially considering the size is not too large (88 MB). Yes, indeed the game is not as complex as Asphalt. Just a comparison between looks and complexity, Traffic Rider sits between Asphalt and Pocket Rally.

Ahem, but this good graphic display can also be a double-edged sword. Traffic Rider was able to make the Lumia 930 I used to test quite warm (though not as hot as Asphalt), and quite a bit of a battery drain. There is a setting option for battery quality. But as far as I’ve experienced, on the Lumia 930, it doesn’t really matter (both in terms of display and battery).

As far as I’ve played, this motorbike game is interesting and not boring. Several different missions provide variety. Collecting motorbikes is also a fun in itself.

Speaking of missions, I’m a little less familiar with the Overtake Cars mission. This mission requires us to overtake and take over the path of other vehicles. However, there is no information on how far this goes. For example, I zigzag between cars in close quarters. But not all are included in the count. There is one more thing. The first car to overtake appears about 10 seconds after the count begins. For this mission, the game feels a bit unfair.

As a final conclusion, I think this game is quality and fun (except the Overtake mission, hehehe). For fans of automotive games (or racing games), this game is worth a try. Moreover, this game is free.

As I mentioned above, Traffic Rider games for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone are available, and can be downloaded for free. Heh, if there is a multiplayer version, maybe we can make an online motorcycle gang.

Traffic Rider, an Exciting Motorcycle Racing Game with Stunning Graphics

After publisher Soner Kara launched the car racing game Traffic Racer in 2012 for iOS and 2013 for Android, now comes the motorcycle racing game, namely Traffic Rider. This motorbike racing game is not much different from Traffic Racer, Traffic Rider also has 3D graphic visuals that are very pleasing to the eye and also the sound of the motorbike in this game is the real sound of the original motorbike.

Here there are more than 40 missions that you can play. You have to drive as fast as possible and overtake other vehicles and don’t hit other oncoming vehicles.

When driving more than 100 kmh by overtaking other vehicles, you will have a high chance of getting scores and money. The faster you drive, the more scores you will get.

there are 20 types of motors that can be modified to improve the quality of the motors we have. There are 4 environments that you can explore, namely highway, desert, city and winter, you can also choose the atmosphere of the time you want such as during the day, evening and night. Traffic Rider has four game modes including career, endless, time trial and free ride.

What’s interesting about this game is the online scoreboard. You can compare your best times with other players from around the world. so, you will be more and more challenged to get the best score.

This game looks quite realistic, so when playing this game it feels like you are riding a real motorbike.

Traffic Rider : Fun And Thrilling Motorcycle Racing Simulation Game

Hello, world friend. Traffic Rider is a motorbike driving simulator game that can be played through the playstore and app store. Sore Kara as a game maker released Traffic Rider on January 11, 2016. This game has been downloaded by more than 100 million user downloads, and the Traffic Rider game can be played offline without requiring an internet connection. Come on, let’s discuss the features and what menus are in this Traffic Rider.


This game has good gameplay and graphics, in the gameplay of the game there are several features that can be used such as there are buttons to adjust the gas and brakes, there is also a horn and nos or additional power, when playing the player will also know the speed and target of the mission being played. In this game there are 42 missions that can be played and there are 31 kinds of motorbikes to choose from, but we have to collect money first to get a motorbike because each motorbike has a different price. And what’s interesting is that the motorbike can do wheelie or jumping when it has missed several levels.

In the game menu there are menus that can be used such as settings, more games, google play, and garage. In the garage menu, players can choose the motorbike they want and there are features to modify the motorbike such as adding power, changing colors, adding stickers and choosing gloves. Game level notifications, and find out the money or coins we already have. This game has several game modes, namely career mode, endless, time trial, and free ride. In career mode. When the gameplay of the game takes place there are interesting effects, namely when the player hits a car, my display has a red effect.

Traffic Rider can be set in the location of the game, there are four seasons that can be played, namely ordinary roads, deserts, cities and snow. The time used can also be selected, namely morning, afternoon or evening.

So, that’s it, my friend, the information on the features and menus found in traffic riders. The traffic rider game has some cool features, players can choose the available motorbikes as well as the location and time that can be set as desired. This game is suitable for those of you who like driving simulation games and motorcycle racing.

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