Top Free Podcast Hosting Sites 2022

A podcast is a type of audio-based document that can be recorded and distributed over the Internet. The media medium may include audio files, video, photos or other forms to disseminate information. There are many methods available for podcasts. You can create your own custom hosted podcast yourself by purchasing a domain name or hosting service in conjunction with creating your podcast.

Podcast Hosting Sites

Best VPS Hosting Providers

Before you begin your podcast, it is important to make sure you have chosen a suitable platform for your podcast. One of the most famous platforms for podcasting is Amazon Prime Video, which allows users to upload video footage on their site to host your podcast. Other popular hosting websites include Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music, which both allow podcast listeners to listen straight from the app instead of having to download something. While these two hosting platforms are the largest podcast hosts on their respective platforms, others include Facebook Radio, Spotify and many more. Additionally, there are several additional podcast platforms like YouTube Podcasts where audio files and videos can be uploaded and distributed.

You can use any number of these platforms to host your podcast through either an application or website. Once you have decided which platform you want to use, your options become endless, but one of the most popular platform that you can host your podcast on is iPhone Music Plus (IMP). It is also possible after creating a unique podcast to distribute it to iTunes and then hosting it on ImP. It is very easy to setup a podcast and upload it into an ImP account. Just select and subscribe to your favorite shows and they will automatically start airing on your channel. To set up this feature, click on Add Podcast to Your Channel. Once you have created a podcast, you can add new episodes to it through different apps that may be used to help you edit and share content. These include Instagram Stories, Twitter, Youtube, Mailchimp, Skype and so much more. If you want to keep track of your show’s progress, you can easily do so using iHeartRadio. For those who are looking for other services, such as RSS feeds, music files hosted on the internet or even live streaming, you can find them here.

Free Podcast Hosting Sites

Find Your Best Domain Hosting Provider Using Our Test Or Guide 2022

To find alternative sources for podcast hosting, check out our list of best free Podcast hosting sites you can use to get high quality and cost-free podcast hosting. If you like our article, you will surely try some of these services and see what works for you to give your podcast a professional look. After selecting all the best podcast hosts to use for hosting your podcasts, it may take a few days to finally start getting traffic to your podcast. Most podcast creators want to achieve good numbers right away. Then they decide how to monetize it so viewers don’t go hungry while listening to their podcasts.

After months or years of research, we at Zypeblogger came up with top podcasts for you to enjoy. We believe there are about 10 million podcasts being made on the web today. So, we have decided to gather the top podcasts that have been making us money. In this way, people can enjoy the same benefits of owning a blog, but only in a podcast format. Since our podcast will not be live streamed or hosted on any of the mentioned sites, our goal is to provide real value to them all. Our team of writers will guide you from the beginning until the end of your podcast. When your podcast starts gaining traction on social networks, it is essential to know how to properly market it on there. This helps you stand out among the crowd. Here are a couple of podcasts that are attracting listeners and money for good review videos:

  • iHeartRadio – Show Reviews and Interviews
  • Spotify – Shows
  • Youtube – Interviews, News, & Videos
  • Apple Podcasts – Interviews & Features
  • Google Play – Live Stream Shows
  • Skype – Call Listening
  • Bloggers – Show Reviews
  • Social Media Marketing Programs – Blogs

You will not find any other podcast provider who has done its homework before you start creating your own podcast. At first, we won’t tell you what to write about, simply sit down and let our writers guide you. They even have useful guides for beginners to follow for each episode. Our podcasts are completely customizable in terms of artwork, titles, tags, sound design, etc. As time passes, we will continuously update the templates to make sure you have everything you need. Don’t forget to watch our entire library on YouTube and read the reviews for every episode before starting work on the next one. We won’t just talk to your ears! Our mission is to bring you amazing podcasts that will delight your mind and heart. The best part is that the majority of our podcasts are produced by bloggers with whom we have worked together earlier in our careers.

Are you ready for your upcoming podcast? Get started!

We hope you found this post helpful. Stay tuned for updates of our exclusive podcasts.

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