The Right Time to Use VPS Hosting For Your Website

Use VPS Hosting – There are several types of hosting that are commonly provided by hosting providers. However, what has been widely used is shared hosting. There are other types of hosting that are better than shared hosting. VPS hosting aka Virtual Private Server is the answer. When compared to shared hosting, VPS is less popular.

Many people use shared hosting purely because of the consideration of cheaper costs. In addition, the operation of shared hosting is also easier than VPS. Are you still using shared hosting? If you have a plan to develop a website, then it never hurts to consider switching to use vps hosting. Therefore, you must know when is the right time to use a VPS.

When Is the Right Time to Use Vps Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a private server where all of its resources are only used by one user and do not affect each other with other users such as shared hosting. Users can fully manage all the configurations in the vps hosting. Also, you can do anything that makes the website better.

When to Switch to a VPS Hosting Service?

In the previous section, you already know what the functions of a VPS are. What you should consider next is, when should you switch to a vps hosting service?

Here’s the answer for you:

  • When You Need Server Security Guarantees Provided

Because it has full control of the server, VPS security is more secure than shared hosting services. You can set the VPS security configuration, according to the required standards. In addition, disk space and bandwidth on VPS hosting are not divided, as in shared hosting.

  • When Your Website Traffic Is Too High

When you feel that your website traffic is getting high, then it’s a good idea to immediately switch from shared hosting to a VPS hosting service. The resources you use on shared hosting are shared resources, which are shared with other users. So, disk space and bandwidth, for example, are used by several different websites.

If one of the websites in the shared hosting uses resources beyond reasonable limits, it will certainly interfere with the performance of websites that are on one server. Generally, hosting providers will warn websites that are already using too much-shared hosting.

  • When You Already Know To Manage VPS

VPS has more complicated settings than shared hosting. Generally, VPS services are available in managed and unmanaged versions. Managed VPS is a VPS service where all the settings and configurations have been done by the hosting provider.

Whereas unmanaged VPS, all settings and configurations are done independently by the user. Most VPS hosting providers provide unmanaged VPS services. Therefore, you must be able to manage your VPS independently.


Search hosting must be following the needs. If your website requires large resources, with very high traffic, a VPS hosting service is the right choice. If you experience the phases above, you should immediately switch to the use vps hosting service.

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