The Conditions Needed to Make a Domain Transfer

Make a Domain Transfer  – If you’ve ever done a domain transfer, it takes a long process. Do you want to plan to transfer your domain from the old registrar to a new, more interesting registrar? It should be distinguished that transferring a domain and buying a new domain is a different processes, it is faster and easier to buy a new domain.

The domain transfer process is intentionally made longer for user security reasons. A domain name is like a house certificate, it cannot easily change hands without a direct owner. So, for you who are interested on doing this activity, you can follow the make a domain transfer in our article below.

Terms to Transfer Domain and What The Reason

There are several reasons why users make domain transfers:

  • Domain has entered the renewal period
  • Moving to a new hosting service
  • Changed domain ownership due to buying and selling
  • Not satisfied with the old registrar
  • Tempted by cheap prices from the new registrar

Requirements For Domain Transfer

So on this occasion, we will discuss the requirements for transferring a domain and how to do a domain transfer. Please follow the following discussion so you are not confused when doing it yourself.

  • Domain Age 60 Days

The minimum age of the domain since it is registered and can be transferred is 60 days. If there are not 60 days you have to wait first. For that, make sure when buying a domain at a registrar that is trusted and has good after-sales service.

  • The Remaining Active Period Of The Domain Is At Least 30 Days

The maximum active period of a domain that can be transferred is 30 days, if it is less than that, you can’t. This is done to anticipate the domain transfer process which takes a long time. Usually, when it’s less than 60 days, the domain company will send an email with information about the domain extension, if you plan to change your domain, at that time there is still plenty of time.

  • User Email Is Still Active

Always save your username and password to log in to the website of the domain hosting provider that you buy. This is necessary to unlock the domain, copy the EPP code of the domain and open WHOIS Protection. In addition, when a problem occurs, you can ask the support domain directly.

  • Entering Epp Code

EPP code or domain secret code is a secret code used for the domain transfer process. This code can only be known by the original domain owner, if you don’t know the code, you can ask the domain provider’s technical team for help.

  • Unlock Domain

Make sure before transferring to a new registrar the domain is unlocked. If you don’t know, you can contact your domain provider or domain registrar’s technical team.

  • Have No Legal Problems

Finally, the domain transfer requirement is that the domain has no legal problems whether it be with a brand, company, or another trademark.


How do you know what conditions are needed to do make a domain transfer? If so, don’t forget to renew the domain so that the domain doesn’t expire before it is transferred.

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