The 7 Best Hosting 2022 – Hosting Test & Comparison

The 7 Best Hosting 2022 – Hosting Test & Comparison, For the site you have developed to appear in search engines, you must first host it. If you are new to this sector, you will find it difficult to find your way around the many solutions offered. This is what motivated our consumer portal to develop this comparative guide to the best accommodations based on opinions, comparisons and feedback.from tests carried out by individuals or professionals. At the end of your reading, there is no doubt that you will choose the host that best meets your expectations!

What is accommodation?

This is a service offered by hosting providers , thanks to which the owner of a site or an application can publish its content online. When you subscribe to this service, you rent a location on a physical server.

Who is it for?

It is a service intended for people, groups of people and organizations who want to publish their site on the Internet. Whether you are the manager of a small and medium-sized business , a site and application developer, the owner of a commercial site with low or high traffic, a freelance web designer, a blogger or a manager of a multinational, web hosting is a mandatory step. Without it, your site will never go online or it will fail to impact the Internet users you are targeting.

How does hosting work?

Web hosting has no raison d’être without the server, which is by definition a physical computer operating permanently so that a site can be seen at any time by Internet users. The host is responsible for keeping the server operational and securing it against cyberattacks.

Its mission is also to transfer the data contained in the server to the various browsers.
When you propel a new website , resources, databases and files are stored in the dedicated space of the server. Every time someone types in your site’s domain name, the host transfers all of the files to them in order to fulfill their request.

Benefits & Areas of Application

If we take into account the opinions read on the reviews addressing the issue of the best web hosts, hosting is a ready-made solution for people who want to launch their site. The servers of the hosts are stored in rooms configured to facilitate computer and physical maintenance.

What types of accommodation are there?

Best Hosting 2022

Individuals have the choice between different categories of accommodation, the best of which are the following according to the opinions of the comparisons.

Shared Hosting

It is not the best solution recommended by the comparisons, but it is the answer best suited to the needs of individuals. Many small businesses and bloggers are turning to this type of service, which is based on the principle of sharing the server with other customers. In other words, all websites that are hosted on the same server share exactly the same resources like computing power , disk space and memory.

In terms of its benefits, shared hosting is affordable tags. This is good business for online startups and blogs. Moreover, customers do not need any specific technical knowledge to take advantage of this offer. Indeed, the server options are preconfigured. Another advantage: the control panel is very easy to manage. Finally, experts take over the maintenance and administration of the server.

On the downside , tests confirm that some hosts do not provide enough control over server configuration. And according to some comparisons, a spike in traffic can cause the site to slow down.

Dedicated Hosting

This is the most effective option, but also the most expensive . This solution is mainly intended for sites with high traffic or on which transactions are carried out. Depending on the host, a dedicated web server is able to offer superior performance compared to other solutions.

This type of hosting is configured as you wish. It is up to the customer to choose the operating system, as well as the software he wishes to use. The configuration of the environment is done according to the needs. Renting a dedicated server is therefore equivalent to owning your own server on a site. Individuals and companies who choose this option benefit from professional support .

According to the reviews that are in favor of this solution , customers really appreciate having full control over the configuration of the dedicated server. It is also said that the level of security offered is very high. Finally, clients have root access to their servers.

As a disadvantage, we note that the annual subscription is expensive: it is more of a solution cut out for large companies. In addition, technical knowledge in server management is required.

WordPress Hosting

It is, so to speak, a variation of the previous model offered to all WordPress users. The server is configured for WordPress , which comes with pre-installed plugins to perform crucial tasks.
As the configuration is highly optimized, the WordPress site loads faster and runs without any crashes.

As advantages, it is said in several comparisons that the WordPress server is the best solution for beginners. Installing and configuring WordPress is easy. Thanks to this solution, the performance is optimal with WordPress. And finally, a team lends you assistance in the event of a problem.

As a disadvantage, we note that this offer is only compatible with sites under WordPress. In addition, problems may occur if you have other sites under other CMS.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting (gold Virtual Private Server ) is the best alternative according to the opinions of testers. From a more technical point of view, it works thanks to a virtual server hosted on a virtualization platform and which shares the same resources with other pressure .

The servers’ security and performance are not at risk of being compromised by other tenants thanks to the few resources allocated to each virtual server. According to many reviews, this is the best solution for medium-sized businesses with multiple websites.

As an advantage, it can be said that the VPS server is significantly less expensive than the dedicated server. It also provides better flexibility. We also notice that server resources such as disk space, memory and CPU sharing can be limited.

The backup of a server image is performed in the event of a major failure, which avoids a complete reinstallation. And last but not least, the VPS server is rarely affected by hardware failures.

Real disadvantage of this solution: the use of a VPS server requires advanced technical knowledge. Its performance is therefore often limited.

Web Hosting for Resellers

This is an offer dedicated to SMIs and SMEs who want to earn extra income by improving their range of existing services. It can be a site development startup that offers a turnkey service involving programming and web hosting .

This rather special service allows resellers to offer packages, while automating the billing and account management process. This solution has the advantage of being inexpensive, and therefore the best for businesses that are just starting out. The subscriber does not need technical knowledge to manage the server interface, and the management tools are varied.

Hosting List Of The Best Products 2022

With the advantages also come the disadvantages. The must develop technical support that is easy to understand, because its customers have no contact with the host. In addition, the level of security of the sites is not the best on the market if we refer to certain tests. Founded in 1999, AMEN is one of the leading Internet service and hosting providers in France. This host supports companies of all sizes by offering quality and easy-to-use solutions at competitive prices.

Amen offers scalable, “all-in-one” hosting packages, also including domain name, emails, SSL certification, etc. making it easy to get online.

In recent years, Amen has focused on the quality of its customer service and offers careful support, whatever your level of technicality.

Its technological mastery also allows it to offer a range of additional services such as domain name registration, professional messaging, website creation, e-commerce or even referencing.

  • Domain names from €3.90 excl. VAT / year.
  • Web hosting from €2 excl. VAT / month.
  • Dedicated servers / VPS from 25€ HT / month.



Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hosts in 2022. But can it be considered one of the best on the French-speaking as well as international market? This is the question that our team asked itself. In order to write this comprehensive Hostinger review and give you the most objective experience possible, we paid for hosting, uploaded a site to it, and then monitored/monitored performance for over a year.

Want to know how good or bad Hostinger’s hosting is? Read our full test carefully to find out.

First of all, it is good to note that Hostinger is a web host with considerable experience. It has been offering hosting services for more than 10 years, and this throughout the world thanks to datacenters in 8 countries (including France – in Strasbourg, other countries in Europe, but also in the United States and in Asia).

When looking for web hosting, you necessarily want it to be able to load your website quickly, while offering a high availability rate. A fast site will offer a better user experience to your users and will play an important role from an SEO point of view (natural referencing – positioning on search engines).

What do we think about this when it comes to Hostinger? After testing the European web host for more than a year, we have come to the conclusion that it is the fastest web host currently.

Regardless of the datacenter where your hosting will be located (try to opt for a datacenter relatively close geographically to your target audience), Hostinger will guarantee you a low loading time.

Over more than a year, we have noted an average loading time for our test site (site that we use to produce each of our reviews) of 310ms.



LWS is, like OVH, a web host that enjoys a certain reputation in France. Do you still want to know if this is justified? It is perfectly logical. And in order to help you in your choice, we invite you to discover our opinion on LWS. You will find absolutely all the information you need to know about this hosting service.

The company LWS – Ligne Web Services was created in 1999 with the aim of offering a quality web hosting service, as well as a means of registering domain names. LWS as a company is based in Paris. This is also one of its arguments when it comes to attracting new customers. The host says that it employs staff only based in France.

And of course, by opting for one of their hostings, you will have the guarantee that your site will be hosted in France, in one of the company’s datacenters.

Speaking of datacenters, LWS lists on its website no less than 3,500 managed servers, as well as more than 280,000 hosted sites. This makes it a rather large host. Although smaller than OVH, which remains the No. 1 at this level in France.



Ex2 is a Canadian web host that we wanted to test to see if the Ex2 reviews available on the Internet were justified. During our comprehensive study, we are going to cover absolutely every possible and imaginable aspect of this web host. Whether it is the performance offered, the quality of the administration interface, the customer support, as well as the various offers made available. Nothing has been left to chance by our teams.

As we were able to stipulate in our introduction to this Ex2 notice for 2022, the host comes straight from Canada. Like the host PlanetHoster, it is based in Quebec and more precisely right next to Quebec City (in Chicoutimi).

We don’t know when this hosting company was founded, but it’s good for you to know that they claim to have over 10,000 customers. In addition, it is a priori more than 20,000 sites that are hosted. We are far from the figures seen in our GoDaddy review, but this is absolutely not a problem.

As we have seen, being a popular host is not necessarily a guarantee of quality.

We will come back to this further down in our Ex2 review, but you should already know that the company offers services: hosting, domain name purchase, e-mail, and even site creation (through of a tool developed by them).



Are you looking for a web host for your website? Have you ever heard of PlanetHoster but don’t really know what it’s worth? In this case, you couldn’t have been better off. In this article, you will find all the answers to your questions.

Following an extensive test of the PlanetHoster host by our teams over the past few years, on the World and HybridCloud plans, we will be able to give you our full opinion on it. Hoping that this can help you when making your choice.

As you may have seen in our introduction, PlanetHoster is above all a web hosting company. But that’s not all ! The company is also authorized to register domain names, as well as to sell SSL certificates.

According to its website, PlanetHoster currently serves no less than 60,000 customers through its infrastructures located in Canada (Montreal) and France (Paris).

It is worth noting that PlanetHoster’s head office is located in Laval (Montreal – Quebec) and that the company was born in the course of 2007. You will therefore have understood it, by its location, the host is totally French-speaking.

The presentations being made, we will now be able to get to the heart of the matter regarding this opinion on PlanetHoster. In this regard, be aware that our general feeling and our tests are based on the two offers that the host offers.



Have you heard of the Swiss host Infomaniak and want to know what it is really worth before committing? This is perfectly understandable and we will help you with this.

Following several months of testing by our teams, we are going to give you our opinion on Infomaniak and its hosting offers. Below, you will find absolutely all the information about this host (performance, customer service, administration interface, prices, etc.).

As we suggested in the introduction to this Infomaniak review, the host is based in Switzerland. The company was created in the course of 1994 (it was a simple store at the time), before becoming in 2000, a web host.

It should be noted that Infomaniak also specializes in streaming audio and video content, video on demand and offers a secure email service. Various backup and storage solutions are also offered.

On the official Infomaniak website, we discovered that the host has more than 200,000 customers. This obviously includes individuals and businesses.

If you want to find even more information about the company, do not hesitate to visit their official website. For our part, we think we have done the trick and are therefore going to tackle the serious stuff in this Infomaniak review and test in 2022.



o2switch is a 100% French host that has made its mark in the world of web hosting. To the point of becoming, in France, a real reference in 2022. Do you want to know what this service provider is really worth? If it is up to hosting one or more websites? This is what we will see in this review and complete test dedicated to o2switch.

o2switch is a 100% French web host. The hosting company is based in Clermont-Ferrand, as are its datacenters. This company was born in 2003 (under another name) before becoming in 2009, o2switch.

The very great particularity of this host is that it claims to be TOTALLY independent. What does this mean exactly? Well quite simply that o2switch owns and manages its own datacenters, as well as its infrastructures (from the website of the hosted – you, to the access provider borrowed by visitors).

We do not have precise figures to give you concerning the number of customers that the company has in 2022. Nevertheless, we noted during the production of this o2switch opinion, that the host speaks of several hundred thousand customers. businesses and individuals.

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