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November 18, 2021
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PK XD is an Open World Adventure-themed game that presents very interesting gameplay. In this game we can create characters, build houses, and maintain pets. In addition, we can also mabar or meet friends at PK XD.

Recently, this game made by PlayKids Inc. has become popular among young people. In fact, PK XD is included in the list of the best games on Google Play with positive reviews and reviews.

Well, for those of you who want to feel the sensation of mabar, this time I will review how to play with friends in PK XD. For that, so that the steps are not wrong, please read this article to the end, yes!

Basically, PK XD is designed to bring together players from all over the world. However, sometimes we only meet random players who don’t know where they came from. So, if you want to meet a group of friends or a group of friends, there is a different way.

For those of you who are bored with playing alone, here are some ways to play with friends in PK XD that you can try.

  • The first step is to open the PK XD game on Android or iPhone
  • Next, tap the HP icon with the + . sign
  • Then tap the double head icon, tap search and type the nickname or ID of the player you want to meet
  • Then tap the Search button and Send Invite
  • Then tell your friends to accept the friend request
  • If you have, now you can meet friends in PK XD by tapping the HP icon – two heads icon – My Friends
  • Then tap Visit on the list of friends you want to visit

If you don’t know the information from the player, the solution can be by providing your information. To see a nickname in PK XD, tap the HP + icon, then tap the gear icon, and your nickname will appear on the screen.

Very easy, right? The PK X game is indeed very fun to play, especially the gameplay is quite similar to Sakura School Simulator. All players are free to do whatever they want without any regulatory limits.

At first I found out about this game from my sister who was so passionate about playing on her smartphone. Even now he already has his own pet, buys clothes, and makes quite an interesting character.

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PK XD is an open-world social game where you can create avatars, decorate houses, interact with other players, and visit their homes.

When you start playing PK XD, first you have to create a character. This game has a colorful aesthetic that is almost surreal, and has tons of character creation options. After creating your character, you can decorate a house consisting of three rooms and a hallway. Most of the basic house items are free so you can have a nice house without spending any game money. However, as you play, you can earn money and buy new furniture, clothes, accessories, and other unique items to create your own character and house, which you can edit at any time.

However, PK XD is not just taking care of the house, outside there is an online world to explore. You can visit other players’ houses, chat with them, walk around town, buy food, go to parties, and much more. Just like the Hotel Habbo game, much of PK XD’s gameplay revolves around customization and interaction with other players.

PK XD is a fun social game, with great graphics and almost endless possibilities. Just try to create your own character, and explore the world around him.

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