Google Forgets to Renew a Blogspot Domain, Millions of Inaccessible Sites

Google Forgets to Renew a Blogspot Domain, Millions of Inaccessible Sites, While companies do forget to renew a domain name, it’s rare for them to be entities the size of Google. Yet that is indeed what happened to American society at the end of June.

Google let the domain expire, a big mistake since it affects more than 4.4 million URLs according to Google search results. Launched in 1999, Blogger is a platform that allows you to create an online blog for free and without advertising – whose addresses include the term blogpot.

After its acquisition by Google in 2003, the firm implemented a feature aimed at redirecting the websites in question to URLs specific to each country. In this case, it is therefore India that is affected by the error of the American company, a market where the service is probably not badly used. The firm said this allowed it to respond more quickly to requests to remove content that violates local law.

A risk of falling into the wrong hands

Google Forgets to Renew a Blogspot Domain

Since Google did not renew the domain in question, it could have been taken over by another company after it expired. On June 24, India-based hosting provider is now selling on Sedo for $5,999.

Suffice to say that such a price is very low, because it would allow the buyer to take control of several million URLs. This also means that the new owner could use this domain for malicious purposes by taking advantage of its power and its influence on the territory, knowing that the URLs are indexed.

Google has not reacted for the moment, but this error highlights the group’s investment in Blogger – and as much to say that it is more than light. However, we can hope that the group reacts in the hours or days to come to recover the domain and solve a problem that could prove to be major if fell into the wrong hands.

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