Expired Domain Names Are a Boon For Cybercriminals

Expired Domain Names Are a Boon For Cybercriminals, This is a phenomenon that is ultimately not much talked about but which can cause serious damage to some users. Kaspersky researchers have just published a report that details how malware can hide behind the links found on pages whose domain names have expired.

Analysts were investigating an online game when they made the discovery. They landed on a page whose domain had expired and was listed for sale. In a second step, a link led them to an address on their blacklist. They then deepened their research and discovered no less than 2500 unwanted URLs on 1000 websites currently for sale.

The Shlayer Trojan is widely used

Expired Domain Names Are a Boon For Cybercriminals

Unfortunately, users cannot do much to avoid being redirected to a malicious page. The domains that have these redirects were, at one time, legitimate resources, possibly ones that users have visited frequently in the past. And there is no way of knowing whether or not they are now forwarding visitors to pages that download malware,” Dmitry Kondratyev, junior malware analyst at Kaspersky, said in a statement.

Among the software most used by cybercriminals is the Trojan Shlayer. We told you last year about this malware that specifically targets Macs. It is not necessarily very dangerous but it is particularly active. Once installed, it bombards the user with advertisements and their search result can also be altered.

To guard against the danger, researchers recommend installing only programs and updates from reliable sources. Using an antivirus equipped with anti-phishing features is also essential to counter this threat.

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