Easy! How to Create Your First Subdomain in cPanel

How to Create Your First Subdomain – As a business website manager with many branches, of course, managing all websites will be too troublesome if you have to create a website for each branch. How could you not want to have to start from scratch again optimizing each branch? But there is an interesting and easier solution, which is to just use a subdomain.

You don’t need to buy a new domain anymore, just add a subdomain to the main domain. There is no limit to this subdomain, as long as the hosting service you choose has a large number of addons. Create a subdomain is not that difficult, especially for those of you who are already using cPanel. So in this article, we will discuss how to create your first subdomain in cPanel.

What You Need to Know from Create Your First Subdomain

What you need to know from create your first subdomain are part of the main domain. For example “us.yourwebsite.com”, the word “us” in the main domain “yourwebsite” is a subdomain. Subdomains can be one way to distinguish the function of a website page.

For example, subdomains are used for each branch office, it could also be for different business lines and so on. To be able to use this feature you need to log in first on the hosting panel that you are using. So, in this example, we use cPanel, the hosting control panel with the largest users to date.

How to Create a Subdomain in cPanel

Before starting the practice of create your first subdomain in cPanel, make sure you already have a username and password to log into your cPanel account.

If you forget, please contact the customer service provider of the hosting you are using. Let’s just start the discussion:

cPanel Login

Please login first to your cPanel hosting account, the method is as below.

  • domainname.com/cpanel
  • domainname.com:2082
  • cpanel.domainname.com

Write one of these methods in the browser you are using, then just enter. Another option is that you can also login to cPanel through your hosting provider’s member area account.

Select Subdomains

Then please select a subdomain, please scroll down and select the “Domains” menu or you can also use the search field.

Create a Subdomain

There are three menu options, namely Subdomain, Domain and Document Root.

  • Subdomain: please fill in the subdomain that you will create, in the following example we use the word “us”.
  • Domain: the main domain of your website, if you have more than one domain, please give the appropriate domain name.
  • Document Root: the folder of the subdomain that you created, its location is in the public_html directory.

If so, please select the “Create” button.

Success Create Subdomain

Please wait for the process of creating a subdomain after that you success to create a sub domain. Please check the “Modify a Subdomain” menu, it is located under the “Create a Subdomain” menu. Check whether your subdomain has been successfully added or not.

So did you manage to create your first subdomain with the help of the guide above? Hopefully the guide above can help you to prepare your website setting, thank you very much.

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