Disadvantages of Using Free Hosting and Domains You Need to Know

Disadvantages of Using Free Hosting and Domains – When you start using a blog, then you need to know more about what a domain and hosting are. Hosting is also called web hosting or renting a place to accommodate the data needed by a website so that it can be accessed via the Internet.

The domain is a unique name given to identify the address (IP address) of a computer server such as a web server or email server on the internet. Here we will provide you the information about disadvantages of using free hosting and domains so you will know how to start the website.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Free Hosting and Domains

Lots of free hosting and domains providers are now popping up, but it’s not uncommon for people to use free hosting and domains to start a blog. In the following article, we will explain some of the disadvantages of using free hosting and domains.

Domain Names Are Different in Quality with Paid ones

Because the hosting is different, it’s definitely a different domain name. You will not be able to get .com and .co.id domain extensions because they are paid domain extensions. So it is very easy for visitors to identify that your site is free.

Limited Capacity

Limited space capacity is a problem because you can’t create more or limited content. For example, you only get 1 GB of disk space (in fact many are below that). So that with a limited capacity makes it less supportive for those of you who want to input a lot of data, especially multimedia data such as image, video and other formats.

Moreover, if the blog already has high traffic with a lot of average comments, it takes a large disk space capacity so that the blog loading does not become slow, so it will have an unfavorable impact on the blog due to reduced impressions.

Servers Unstable

This is the main problem, what is meant by unstable is that it is often down or inaccessible. Even premium hosting sometimes also experiences server downtime, especially hosting that is only free. If the blog is a business blog, of course, it will be very detrimental because web pages are difficult to access, as a result, customers will be reduced.

Not only for business blogs, ordinary blogs that provide information can also suffer losses because visitors can drop drastically even to zero, and it will be difficult to return many visitors to what they were before.

Data Security Is Not Guaranteed

This is one of the things that worries me the most, namely the issue of data security which is less guaranteed. Maybe you’ve designed the web in such a way, installed scripts, posted pictures, etc.

Even though you already have a lot of visitors, and you’ve spent a lot of time developing it. Many people have talked about their experiences using free hosting. And one of the most talked about things is the problem.


Knowing the disadvantages of using free hosting and domains that you need to know can make you wiser in making decisions before starting your own website. Good luck.

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