Cloud Computing Represents Only 10% of The Hosting Market

The latest fashionable concept, Cloud Computing is the new essential service for IT giants. But what reality does it cover today in terms of accommodation. The point in figures with Markess International.

Cloud Computing

For reasons of flexibility, responsiveness to changing IT needs and reduced operating costs, virtualization is gradually establishing itself on the IT hosting market (see Virtualization, already a reality in terms of accommodation). But what about “Cloud Computing”, the latest fashionable concept which consists for companies of outsourcing their IT resources (infrastructure, servers, network, storage, etc.) as well as their various applications (email software , payroll, etc.) and to access them online and on demand via the network? For the market research firm Markess International, the use of this type of service in the field of infrastructure hosting and is still marginal. In 2009, less than 10% of the 150 companies it questioned (see survey methodology) said they were already using this type of service. And this, whatever form this service takes. To know :

  • a private cloud internal to the organization or shared or pooled in private mode with other entities of the organization (case of groups and their subsidiaries);
  • a dedicated/private cloud external to the organization (hosted by a third party and not in the organization’s data centers) but entirely dedicated to it and accessible via secure VPN-type networks;
  • A public cloud, external to the organization, accessible via the Internet and managed by an external service provider. In this case, the resources can be shared between several client entities.

This does not mean that companies are not interested in it. But they rather plan to use it within two years or more and favor, security obliges, the form of the internal private Cloud (53% of the answers), then that of the external private Cloud (44%). Data confidentiality is also the major issue that “Cloud Computing” will have to solve in order to develop (31% of responses), ahead of the guarantee of continuity of service and quality of service (28% each). Find out moreThis survey was conducted between June and September 2009 by Markess International. This is based on interviews with 150 managers and decision-makers from public and private organizations based in France, divided into the following sectors: 29% IT/Telecoms, 19% public sector, 15% banking/insurance, 13% industry, 6 % retail, 18% other. 37% represented companies with more than 2,000 employees, 24% companies with between 250 and 1,999 employees and 39% structures with less than 250 employees. In addition, there are interviews with 23 service providers active in the hosting and cloud computing services market, including 38% hosts, 22% SSII integrators, 13% manufacturers, 9% SaaS solution providers. , 9% telecom operators and 9% other.Download the summary of the study.

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