TOP 7 Best VPS Hosting Providers In 2022 – Testing and Comparison

Best VPS Hosting Providers In 2022, The digital environment is changing so fast that it is common for technologies that were barely developed the year before to become obsolete the following year. Web hosting is one of those technologies that are experiencing a huge breakthrough. If you have specific requirements in terms of web hosting, we suggest you discover this comparison of the best VPS hosting of 2020, the content of which is based on opinions and comparative tests carried out on consumer portals. The goal is to save you time and allow you to acquire the crème de la crème in terms of hosting solution.

Best VPS Provider List 2022

What is a VPS?

What is a VPS

VPS is an expression that may seem mystical to you, but with hindsight, you will realize that it is a simple technology to understand. The Virtual Private Server is a technique implemented by web hosts to allow any entity to own several servers which will allow them to manage their activities on the web more efficiently.

As these servers are virtual, site management is more efficient and much more reliable in terms of security. The virtual private server works in the same way as the classic server, except for one detail, it coexists with other Virtual Private Servers on the same computer.

Who is it for?

Unlike other hosting categories, the Virtual Private Server requires certain knowledge and skills, otherwise a gap will arise in management.

The comparisons therefore recommend the use of the virtual private server to medium-sized e-commerce sites, as well as to SMEs and SMIs. In fact, VPS is a scalable hosting solution. It is ideal for internet players who anticipate strong growth in their traffic, not immediately, but in the months to come.

With the virtual private server, actors benefit from unlimited bandwidth as well as high disk space that ensures page loading without any latency. This alternative is also recommended for people who are looking for the best solutions in terms of security.

How does a VPS work?

Best VPS Hosting Providers

In its most classic conception, a server is a physical computer in which a host stores the databases and files necessary for a website.

Each time an Internet user wishes to access the site in question, the search engine sends a request to the server which will take care of transmitting the files to him via the Internet.

Here, the Virtual Private Server is created from scratch to simulate the activities of the physical server, but in reality, this machine is shared by several users.

Advantages and areas of application?

Many comparisons recommend the virtual private server and the reasons for this are not lacking. However, the main reason that should entice site owners to use VPS is that it is very competitive.

The Virtual Private Server offers the best financial compromise between the shared server and the dedicated server. It should be noted that the shared server does not always correspond to the expectations of companies, because the level of security offered is not optimal.

However, while the dedicated server is very efficient, it is quite expensive. Few companies can afford a dedicated server due to the rates charged by hosting companies. Creating a virtual private server in an individual computer system is easier for hosts, which explains the accessibility of prices. The Virtual Private Server is a highly secure server. The encapsulation system that guarantees the independence of each Virtual Private Server makes it possible to secure the servers that are managed in parallel by other users. As each Virtual Private Server has its own operating system, errors, malfunctions and intrusions will have no effect on the other hosted servers.

In addition, many comparisons also say that virtual private server is the best hosting solution for applications and games. The possibilities offered by the Virtual Private Server are very vast and meet most of the needs of businesses and individuals.

What types of VPS are there?

There are two main types of VPS that we will detail right away to make your choice easier.

Unmanaged VPS hosting

Hosting is said to be non-outsourced when it is the customer himself who manages his server. It is he who takes care of all the tasks that are immanent with the server.

The hosting site has no control over the needs of this client. He has it as he pleases. This solution is advantageous because it offers leeway and much more freedom to webmasters. On the other hand, in their opinions, the comparisons do not recommend this hosting if you have no experience in managing the virtual private server. It can be, indeed, complicated from a technical point of view.

Managed VPS hosting

This category of hosting is simply the opposite of managed hosting. Yes, the client has its own server, but it delegates its management to the host.

Hosting site technicians are in charge of managing everything related to the server. For this, they intervene day and night. The comparisons recommend this solution if you are afraid of being hacked, or if you do not feel comfortable with this technology. With this solution, you are entitled to an experienced team that is responsible for taking positive steps in the direction of controlling the equipment. Also, maintenance is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only problem, customers are always dependent on technicians.

7 Best VPS Provider List 2022



After going through the reviews and tests of other comparisons that address the issue of the best Virtual Private Server hosting, we can conclude that Hostinger is one of the best VPS hosting of 2020. This company has gained the trust of users through its many offers , but also by its excellent quality-price ratio. Hostinger allows you to host your site in the datacenters of your choice which are distributed in Europe and America. Of course, for local sites that target French-speaking Internet users, a datacenter in Europe is the best choice to make.



PlanetHoster does not offer Virtual Private Server hosting as such, but its HybridCloud service comes very close. It should be noted that the HybridCloud is a fully integrated solution. In other words, a team will take care of the administration and monitoring of the virtual private server every day of the week and at any time of the day and night. During his subscription, the webmaster will have to choose between two datacenters located in Montreal or Paris. For a medium-sized site, the comparisons recommend choosing Paris.



‎LWS‎‎ finds itself in a good place in this comparison of the best accommodations for its offer which is varied and attractive. Indeed, this 100% French host covers most of the needs of webmasters, but also professionals. Its data center is located in France and receives excellent opinions in terms of quality of service and performance.‎



‎A comparison on the best VPS hosting lacks objectivity if it does not present the French host ‎‎OVH‎‎. Based in Roubaix, this hosting solution provider seduces by the quality of its services, the performance of its technology and its prices that remain affordable. It is found in the best opinions and comparative tests. OVH has many data centers in France, it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best.‎

IONOS by 1&1

ionos by 1&1

‎IONOS by 1&1‎‎ has built a serious competitive advantage thanks to its many data centers spread across Europe. From this comparison, this host is the one that has the maximum center, which allows customers to host their sites in a locality that is advantageous for their business. In their opinions, many professionals would have said that IONOS by 1&1 has brought the server administration experience to its peak, all you have to do is test it.‎

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud

‎Primarily dedicated to enterprises, ‎‎IBM‎‎ Cloud is an all-in-one solution, with guaranteed support every step of the way. In addition, you have access to very high-level technical resources to automate many tasks.‎



‎The Virtual Private Server hosting market is dominated by French providers. ‎‎O2switch‎‎ also offers hosting solutions adapted to all profiles. Whether or not it’s a site meant to handle huge traffic, O2switch meets all expectations.‎

Product Review Examples

Product Review Examples

Hostinger VPS

All users who have had the opportunity to test Hostinger’s VPS hosting have not been disappointed. After months of testing, many of them have confirmed that the uptime rate advertised by this host is true to reality.

Furthermore, server management is made as easy as possible. The entire environment is manageable with just a few clicks, not only in terms of daily administration, but also backup or restore.

The strong point mentioned by the comparisons is that Hostinger’s Virtual Private Server offers are compatible with different operating systems such as centOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse and Debian.


LWS’ Virtual Private Server hosting ‎‎offerings are impartially correct‎‎, but tests have shown that they are not yet at the top level.‎

‎The ‎‎availability‎‎ rate is good, but the loading time requires some improvements. However, LWS manages to catch up with the quality of its customer support.‎

‎During the testing phases, customers noticed that the technicians were responsive and were able to come up with ‎‎viable solutions‎‎ in a very short time. LWS offers 4 accommodation packages. People who subscribe to it are entitled to unlimited monthly traffic, a fixed IP address, SSH or managed root access and a domain name.


‎OVH promises an ‎‎availability‎‎ rate of 99.99% for its virtual private server hosting offers, a value that is quite ‎‎exceptional‎‎. This host also stands out for the loading time which is significantly better than average.‎

‎OVH’s flexible Virtual Private Server offerings are perfect if you want to scale the Virtual Private Server environment. Only downside, the ‎‎administration‎‎ interface is a little too elaborate, which may be a concern for those who choose the non-managed option.‎

The Advantages And Disadvantages Described In Customer Reviews

Benefits :

  • The paid virtual private server offers immense management possibilities.
  • The best web hosts offer guaranteed technical support.
  • Data confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • Deploying the server takes the minimum amount of time.
  • The best VPS hosting combines high performance, simplicity and autonomy.
  • The virtual private server has its own dedicated environment with its own resources.
  • A customer can configure the virtual private server environment according to their project and needs.
  • By signing with the best host, the customer grants himself unlimited incoming and outgoing traffic on his Virtual Private Server.
  • To secure the data, many backup options are offered by the hosts.
  • According to reviews, the best Virtual Private Server providers are monitored 24/7 in data centers.

The Inconvenients :

  • The cost can get expensive over time.
  • The resources given to people trying out free VPS hosting are limited.
  • Rent can be expensive.
  • People who choose the non-managed solution must train in the management of the virtual private server.
  • If they are misconfigured, security vulnerabilities will appear.
  • To guarantee the integrity of a site, tests must be carried out regularly.
  • Dedicated Servers are better than Virtual Private Servers.
  • Even though the VPSs are isolated from each other on a physical server, there is still a risk.
  • Hosts tend to exceed the number of Virtual Private Server supported by a physical server.
  • The virtual private server is only 100% effective for small structures.

Common Deficiencies and Insufficiencies – What should you look out for when buying a VPS?

‎If you plan to grow your online business in the shortest possible time, never fall into the trap of ‎‎free VPS‎‎ hosting. At the outset, it is important to note that there is no 100% free VPS hosting. There is not yet a VPS server where you will not pay anything, but rather test versions.‎

‎For a month, potential customers will have the chance to experience the virtual private server and appreciate its limitations. When the time limit has ‎‎elapsed‎‎, all privileges granted to you will be cancelled. Nevertheless, Internet users claim in their reviews that the free virtual private server is the best way to get acquainted with the world of VPS. VPS hosting is paid when a host requires an annual rent from its client.‎

This technology may be ultra-developed, but it is not immune to minor problems related to attempted attacks from hackers. By subscribing to the paid option, the owner of a site grants himself a larger disk space, access to the logbook, additional functionalities for server management, the possibility of choosing between several programming languages.

What does science say about VPS?

For those who want to know the benefits of migrating to virtual private server hosting, know that this category of hosting represents the future of this sector. If you are in a shared hosting for example, you will feel cramped very quickly, which you will not experience with the VPS.

The possibility of operating a choice on the operating system and the applications makes it possible to meet all the needs, even the most specialized. It should also be noted that the virtual private server is very stable, which is what the comparative tests that deal with the theme of the best VPS hosting are working to demonstrate. This category of hosting will bring better control of the virtual private server environment.

Coming Soon

As for what’s to come, there’s nothing really new on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean IT engineers are done exploring the possibilities in terms of web hosting. Today, many comparisons consider the cloud server as the ultimate in hosting.

It is a powerful physical or virtual infrastructure that runs applications and stores information. Cloud servers are created by splitting a physical server into many virtual servers through a virtualization program.

VPS Alternatives?

If we take into account the opinions of the comparisons, the HybridCloud offer would be the best alternative to VPS hosting. These two solutions work much the same way, with one difference, the HybridCloud is a fully managed solution.

In other words, customers are not allowed to manage or modify it to better suit their needs. The heavy task of administering the virtual private server falls to the host team.

Highly valued by comparisons, this solution is recommended for customers who do not wish to spend time monitoring their server. Otherwise, users can turn to dedicated hosting solutions that are more efficient and much more secure.



What is VPS hosting?‎

‎The VPS or virtual private server is a server created by means of virtualization software that, once developed, will work in the same way as a physical server.‎

What are the advantages offered by VPS hosting?‎

According to the comparisons consulted, a virtual private server gives admin root access as well as full control of the server. Of all the hosting offerings on the market, the virtual private server is the most stable.

What is the noticeable difference between virtual and shared private server hosting?‎

‎In either case, the client will share the resources of a single physical server with other users. However, with a virtual private server, the number of clients is limited. Also, the resources of a part of the server are entirely allocated to it.

What is the notable difference between dedicated hosting and virtual private server?‎

‎A virtual private server works in conjunction with a physical server. The resources of this physical server are therefore shared with other clients. On the other hand, for the case of the dedicated server, a client has its own physical machine.

‎What is the best VPS host on the market?‎

‎The majority of comparisons are of the opinion that Hostinger is the host that offers the best virtual private server hosting solution on the market.‎

‎In which case to choose a virtual private server hosting?‎

‎VPS hosting is recommended for people or organizations who manage several websites at the same time and plan to create others.

‎Why opt for virtual private server hosting?‎

‎This solution gives access to root and allows a certain scalability. Also, the level of security of the VPS is quite reassuring.

‎What are the criteria to consider when choosing VPS hosting?‎

‎The criteria to take into account when choosing a virtual private server hosting are the compatible operating systems, the presence of automatic backups, the ability to configure the server, outsourcing and the presence of customer service.

‎What are the VPS hosting operating systems?‎

VPS hosting operating systems are Windows server, Linux VPS, centOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse and Debian.

‎What to choose between the managed or non-managed solution?‎

‎It depends on the needs of each customer. The non-managed solution allows the client to manage the server environment themselves. He will be able to configure it according to his needs.‎

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