Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2022

Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2022, It is a great platform for creating and managing your server. In this post, we will discuss the best server for running Minecraft. We will also provide some tips to make it work as per their requirement.

As we are going with Amazon Linux, let us start with its own servers. Amazon’s own servers are free of cost. When you choose one of these servers, then you have got full access to all the features and services offered by them. At no point will you feel any sort of limits, so that means you can always update or upgrade at your own discretion. There are two types of servers available and both of them are called Dedicated Servers.

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Dedicated Server : This type of servers provides additional resources which can be used by multiple users on the same network. For instance, if 50 people want to play games on a given server, there should only 50 dedicated server resources. Each user gets a dedicated server to use, which makes the other members in the community unable to play without using the dedicated server. If any server starts getting congested due to high traffic, you can connect another server to take up the load and it won’t affect the game itself. As an added advantage, they offer unlimited bandwidth so you don’t need to worry about any slow loading time. However, you can choose from three different storage sizes – 4GB – 8GB- And 64GB – 128GB. These servers come with advanced security packages like Active Directory, File Sharing, Remote Access, etc., which are very useful as well. Their website offers several servers depending upon what requirements you may have. The most basic server that comes under the category of Dedicated Servers includes 20 GB RAM.

R3/R5 (2CPU & 2GB ram) : These are better than R2/R3 as they allow 1 CPU core and 2GB of ram while the above mentioned servers go beyond 8 CPU cores and 32GB of ram. They come along with VPS Server Management Software so you can manage servers as per your needs. But Amazon doesn’t give such flexibility as it comes. Both of these servers support Windows Server. The basic server also allows 100Gb/s bandwidth. A fully loaded gaming PC with 16 GB ram can easily handle all that workload of games. You can opt for this server whenever you want but I would recommend choosing the cheaper version instead of purchasing a dedicated server which will cost you more than $1K/month. Just choose a memory stick of 4 GB RAM and then go ahead with the purchase of a Dedicated Server.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) : It is a cloud computing service from AWS (Amazon Web Services). E2 has been made specifically for developers and organizations who work with data on a daily basis. This server can be used either independently. Or one can purchase the entire offering with many server instances and tools installed.

There are four main versions of this server. Using this server gives you the opportunity to work with multiple virtual machines. So they are ideal for large scale development projects. This server is scalable based up to 30 nodes in size so you can deploy 10 nodes on the first server and then gradually increase that to a maximum of 15 nodes on the next server. It is possible to add another node as soon as they become available. Here, they start at 1000 and go up to 3000 in size. One other thing that you need to keep in mind that it is not compatible with Microsoft windows and even windows XP (Windows Server 2008), which is why you cannot install on such windows operating system. Also, since it is hosted on AWS, there would be a monthly subscription fee of around $10/month. Hence, it is recommended to start with just 3 months before the paid plan becomes active.

Best Hosting 2022

Amazon S3 : It is a file storage provider offering reliable object storage. It helps to store and manage backups and data in your computer.

This server supports almost every major OS including Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, Linux, Android, and iOS. If you want to use this server, you will get full root access which makes you able to do a lot of things including changing permissions on files, deleting/moving around folders and deleting unnecessary ones. To use this server, you will face some problems when installing virtual Machines. Since virtual machines are created on S3, then once you create one, then you won’t find the corresponding folder on the physical server. Therefore, you need to download the software ‘VMWare Player’ to run virtual machine files and virtual machine images. And after downloading this software, it will ask you installation questions. Once you have done the required steps, you can try out the Virtual Machine. After running a few times, the software checks whether the new files are there or not on the server.

You can check this virtual VM’s folder on the desktop browser. On the left hand side, you will see sub-folders, and on the right side, find instances. Then, you will find the name of the instance and whether it is working or not. Next, look for the IP address of the host and click on it. Now, once you have opened the IP address, you are able to view all the files and directories inside the instance. There is nothing more to say here.

Amazon S3 offers some good plugins that are specially designed for developing on this server. They are really helpful here. By customizing settings for each case you have, it will make your life easier to develop and improve your applications.

Let’s talk about my personal views about the best server for Minecraft. First of all, I would like to express the appreciation for our hosting team. They have performed amazingly for me and helped with a lot of technical issues. Thanks for helping me.

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