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Best Free Shared Hosting Pakistan Alitech, If you are on the internet, then it is also possible to register a free web site from other web hosting companies. At this point of time, most of the individuals and even business owners do not have much knowledge about Web Hosting from which they can manage their websites without any issue. Even a few web hosting companies who have been in existence for many years and now more than ever, the competition among them is becoming stiff. As a result, there is an urgent need to understand the best web hosting company that provides reliable services to its clients. Fortunately, one such web hosting company that has gained popularity since 1995, is

One cannot think of a better web hosting provider than as it is offering its customers a unique feature named “Paid Plans”. These plans come with two important benefits – firstly, it gives unlimited bandwidth of up to 50GB, secondly, it gives unlimited domain name in the range of 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 and even 1500 domain names. Paid plans give access to 24/7 support team as well as some powerful tools and features. This plan also comes with free SSL certificates and website builder like WordPress. In addition, this Plan gives 25% discount for those businesses with less number of employees and customers. It doesn’t mean that all these plans should be suitable for your needs but they will surely get you results. Apart from this the prices for both shared and VPS plans are really affordable, so that your budget cannot be pushed.

There are some disadvantages like paid accounts need credit cards and bank account details for the subscription maintenance, the security issues or if any problem arises, there is no solution at all, and finally, no additional disk space available. But overall, due to the good features and excellent quality service that the offers to its users, we strongly recommend

Free Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

Website building is one of the fastest growing industries around the world. Almost every person in the world can have his own website and hence any individual with a large following on social media, blogging, content marketing or a blog can have multiple sites. And while choosing the right server you can’t just buy anything just by paying a hefty sum of money or because it’s pretty much cheap. You need to know the best resources, services, and support that provide top-notch solutions at reasonable rates. That’s when the web hosting company enters the picture.

Hosting is basically a virtual environment that is used to provide storage for a website and it acts as a conduit connecting your website to the public internet. A hosting plan allows people to create websites on computers, servers, data centers, cloud storage, etc., and lets you use them anywhere on the internet. The reason being, many companies require huge amounts of space to store their products; therefore, it’s always a good idea to utilize a high-end host for any kind of project. Since many websites take a lot of time and effort to design, build, maintain, and update, the online presence of a company is important and thus the requirement to make a dedicated server setup is needed. There is a wide range of hosts available based on different type of packages and types of hosting. From basic shared hosting (SWH) to highly advanced managed and VPS hosting, many users select their desired plans based on their budget, business reputation, and website size. Many firms also offer premium hosting for specific projects. One has to have an idea of what kind of hosting he wants.

Free Cloud Storage and Backup Storage and Data Centers

Best Shared Hosting For WordPress

As one could have predicted things would be different with Google Drive, Dropbox, GSuite, Box, Evernote, etc., the web hosting companies have made several attempts to improve the file management system with the help of various kinds of files and other backup systems. However, they all can go nowhere. To deal with data corruption or deletion, I strongly recommend using the private cloud storage and also keep it offline as well. For backups, we have got robust backup software and that’s why I will say that we’re the ones who have taken care of everything related to that. We run Windows Server 2012 R2, 2013 R3, 2016 R5 and 2017 R8 versions. Our cloud storage is located in India, North America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, China, Japan, Korea, India and South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and UAE. Our primary motive behind selecting our cloud hosting and data center facilities is its cost-effectiveness and flexible nature. So it’s worth considering our services based on your requirements.

High Bandwidth Speed & Quality

Since most of the users are unaware about what is the importance of a good speed and power of RAM, most of the professionals rely upon low-end technologies like Intel Core Duo, Dual Quad core i3 chips, Pentium 4 K5, 16 GB of memory chips, Celeron N330, etc., which usually perform slowly and are hardly usable. What they don’t know is that this only leads to poor performance. Therefore, it gets disastrous results, especially when your site lacks the required memory capacity for loading times. Thus you need to look into the possibility of purchasing pre-installed memory chips. Yes, the amount required to purchase the memory is huge but you need to check out the option of either buying an already prepared card by yourself instead of going through the hassle or waiting for another professional to do it for you. Or you can consider to procure the best memory cards with the minimum quantity.

Data Center Security

Data encryption is one of the main concerns of users as well as the website providers. It has become extremely essential as hackers have figured the way to exploit the holes in the coding code. Hence, to protect their sources, data is encrypted in front of the hardware and decryption happens once the server reaches the client side. Nowadays, the majority of the organizations are opting for the centralized cloud storage architecture and storing data in the region where the server is hosted. So the question remains that how do you choose between distributed and centralized storage? Well, each user comes with her choice and thus everyone needs to pick accordingly. For instance, you can decide to go with the central storage and that too would need regular updates with higher frequency to avoid the threats of malware. But it’s understandable if you want the decentralized server but its cost is much higher than the centralized one. Also since the databases and other files can be accessed easily and shared with anyone, they often find use in many applications. Furthermore, you might find information about new changes and bug fixes in the updates, whereas the centralized one will not allow for the same.

High Bandwidth Performance

If you also plan to develop a lot of pages, and want to put your mind together, then having at least 3 GB RAM is necessary. Moreover, if you’re planning to start creating a mobile application for iOS, then RAM is one of the greatest aspects that can boost your performance and improve the quality. Additionally, if you’d like to have a massive collection of videos and images and want them distributed across a huge array of devices, you’ll need to have at least 20 GB to 30 GB RAM. No doubt, increasing the RAM means higher consumption of electricity and you need to minimize the load for it as soon as possible. On the other hand, the increase in RAM can make your computer lag a little bit and make your site slow.

The Size of Your Computer

While choosing your hardware, you need to analyze what you’re currently using, what’s enough to get you working, and your personal preferences. So before making your decision concerning operating system, it’s important to make sure that you select a suitable one for your system. Secondly, you need to know what kind of device you have and whether you prefer desktop, laptop or phone. This, along with CPU and GPU, is known as processor. When doing this, it’s important to evaluate your current state of affairs and the next steps for setting up your workstation. Though it takes considerable time but after knowing all that, you’ll be able to select the appropriate OS that’s best suited for both your demands and budget.

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