Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Domains You Need to Know

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Domains – What is Nowadays, more and more domain registrar’s have emerged that offer tantalizing prices. In fact, there are already several free domain extensions that can be used by bloggers and web developers to accommodate the need to make a website look more professional.

Undeniably, a domain name is one of the important elements to support blogging activities. Besides being able to make it easier for visitors to access content on a website or blog, there are many advantages of using a top level domain. Here we will provide you the information about advantages and disadvantages of free domains that you need to know before start the website.

Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Domains

Well, for you who are interested in learning to create a website, here we have summarized information regarding free domains extension providers complete with reviews related to the risks of using a free domain, the advantages of a free domain.

Free Domain Advantages

  • Easy to Get

To get a domain extension for free is very easy and easy. Usually you just register an account, then you can immediately check the availability of the domain name you want to use.

  • No Annual Fee

It is clear, because it is free, there are no fees or fees to be paid every year. This is certainly very helpful for beginner bloggers who still want to learn to tinker with websites for learning purposes.

  • Shorter URL

There are many interesting pros and cons when it comes to free domains. Especially among bloggers or internet marketers. Using a free domain itself is relatively easy if you want to create a brand website that is easy for consumers to remember.

Disadvantages of Free Domains

  • Looks Less Professional

The biggest drawback of free domains is the lack of value or selling point of the domain extensions used. People will tend to underestimate or doubt the credibility of your website if a free domain is used for a business website.

  • No Support

Unlike when we buy a domain name, using a free domain usually will not get good support services, or even no support at all. This is certainly very inconvenient for beginner bloggers who have problems in the installation process, settings, or other technical matters.

  • Not Free to Choose Extension Options

Because we do not pay, the free domain extension that we will get depends on the service provider. The choice is certainly not as much as if we use a domain by buying it.

  • Prone to Lost Affected by Banned

As users of free goods, of course, we should comply with all the rules given by the service provider. Including the potential for banned or domain deleted without any notification.

  • Can’t Create Subdomains

Unfortunately, if we use a free domain this subdomain feature cannot be used. So, you have to choose a paid domain extension which you can currently get starting from $ 0.99 and can be more depending on the domain provider you choose per year.


Maybe for those of you who want to try a free domain, you should think again by considering the above reviews about the advantages and disadvantages of  free domains that we have presented. Hopefully the above information can be useful, thank you very much.

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